Fellowship and Discipleship

If you have accepted Christ’s offer of salvation, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!  The Christian life can be difficult at times, but is incredibly rewarding.  You may be wondering, though, “Now what?”

First of all, let me encourage you to begin reading the Bible.  The Bible is God’s word to us, and it contains everything you need to know to live a life that is acceptable in God’s eyes.  Read it and apply it! Any Christian bookstore will be able to help you select a good Bible. There are also Bible apps for mobile devices, such as YouVersion, and you can also get audio Bibles if you prefer to listen to the Bible.

Secondly, find a body of fellow believers to participate with.  Why do you need church?  Because churches are made up of Christians, and Christians who have been reading their Bibles much longer than you can help you understand it and live a more Christian life.  No church is perfect, because churches are made up of imperfect people.  But try to find a church where the Bible is the center of everything they do, where Christ is honored, and new believers are welcomed.

Thirdly, once you’ve found a good church, it’s time to proclaim your commitment publicly through baptism.  Baptism is a visual picture of Christ’s death and resurrection, and it identifies you as a Christian.  Next to salvation itself, this is the most important thing you do as a new Christian.

Once you are part of a church, the church will guide you in your Christian walk.  Lastly, let me know if you accepted Christ so I can rejoice with you! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and point you in the direction of good Christian resources, also.


Read it and apply it.

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