The Hidden Meaning of Marriage

You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing something about the debate over marriage. As we speak, there is a culture war going on over the very definition of marriage. Is marriage only between one man and one woman, or is that just an outdated notion based upon stereotypes and bigotry? And even if it is between one man and woman, the questions don’t end there. What are the roles of a husband and wife in marriage? Are they different? Should the be flexible? Finally, why even bother with marriage nowadays? What is the purpose for getting married, anyhow? Many Christians have fought hard for their concept of marriage, but have often fought with little understanding of what the Bible even has to say on the subject. Before we can answer these difficult questions, we must first lay a foundation of the biblical concept of marriage.

In this three part series, we will seek to answer the question of the purpose of marriage from a biblical perspective. What does the Bible have to say about marriage? What is marriage, and what is its purpose? After answering these questions, we can then turn to the practical applications of these truths to our everyday lives.

Click here to begin the series : Part 1–Marriage: The Gospel on Display

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Meaning of Marriage”

  1. How do non Christians know the purpose for marriage? Is marriage only meant for Christians or is it that God meant for everyone to be a Christian?


  2. Well, I would answer “yes,” in short… I would argue that marriage is not the only aspect of a non-Christian’s life which is not being used as God intended. Indeed, since the entire purpose of life is to bring glory to God (Is. 43:7)–a purpose of which non-Christians are entirely unaware or uninterested–their entire life is being used contrary to its intended purpose. That may sound harsh, and I don’t mean to be rude, but the ultimate purpose in life–or any part of life, such as marriage–is only found in Christ. So, in short, any marriage–whether Christian or not–which is not intentionally founded on and seeking to display the gospel is falling far short of its God-given purpose.
    But, to be sure, every marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church; the question is simply, “how accurate an image is it?” Just as all humans are created in the “image” of God (noun), yet not all humans “image” (verb) God equally well, so all marriages are pictures of the gospel, yet not all marriages are accurate pictures thereof. Paul states that this purpose of marriage (to display the gospel) was a “mystery,” that is, a hidden truth which has finally been revealed. The true meaning of marriage was hidden even from God-fearing men and women for over 4,000 years until the foundation of the Church. So, non-believers are not the only ones to have missed this purpose. And, frankly, the lack of teaching on this subject nowadays means that even many Christians are oblivious to this most fundamental purpose to their marriages. More to come on that later…


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